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Wes Oleszewski

So… you want to buy one of my books and get it autographed, maybe even personalized (hey, it makes a great gift for that person who has everything), but you really don’t like Amazon that much and your local chain bookstore doesn’t have any of my work. Well- here is your answer!

This is my personal web site to sell directly to YOU. Plus, I will autograph and personalize the book any way that you want. NO- I do not have some person that I pay to sign my name or some machine that does the autographing… I can’t afford that, so I simply do it myself.

After you've bought your book, simply click the "How I want it Signed" button below and you'll send me an e-mail and tell me exactly how you'd like your book signed. Simple! In fact so simple even a pilot can do it... probably... after a few tries anyhow.

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Wes in King Air 200

"Huge Tom Clancy fan here, and haven't found anything that compares. Until this book. This reminded me of the page-turning nights I spent sifting through Clancy's books. I'm a stickler for historic and technological accuracy. I don't get why you'd write a book involving espionage, aviation and spy technology and get it wrong. This author NAILS is. I found myself smiling as details revealed themselves that I knew were coming from a seasoned, first person witness point of view. Makes a huge difference. By the way, I'm a 99% NON-fiction reader, but this one captured my imagination. Highly recommended. Not fluff if that's what you like by the way."

Nick Weston

(reader; "Invisible Evil")


"The growing up Spaceflight series is full of little know facts that you never hear about from official sources. I was fortunate to be asked to edit the book for a previous reprint of this volume last summer and I was amazed at how many things I didn't know about the Apollo program. Wes is a meticulous researcher and with his previous books about Great Lakes Maritime History, you couldn't ask for a more detailed yet entertaining series of books including his Growing up Spaceflight series. You'll be amazed at what you'll learn."

Christopher W. Rottiers


"I really enjoyed this book! Being an avid WWII buff I learned a lot from this book. I found the chapters on the production from the region to be fascinating. The book not only examines the massive Willow Run facility but also examines the production of ships and submarines. I guess I never really thought about how vital the Great lakes region was to the war effort. I thought the book was very well researched. The author has a wonderful writing style that makes the book a pleasure to read. Highly recommend!"

Richard F. Teklits

(reader, World War II & the Great Lakes)

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