Noli Rogare patch

This 4 inch diameter fully stitched patch is the same one worn by the ant-stronauts in the cartoon strip, "The Program." The patch can be either sewn on or ironed on, and is a great conversation starter. You see Noli Rogare is Latin meaning "Don't Ask" so when someone asks you what that means, you can just look at them with a sly sneer and say "Don't ask." And when they come back saying "No... I mean... what is it about?" You get to repeat, "Don't Ask" and yer's still correct. If they ask what's that creature on the patch, you can simply say "Noli Rogare." Hey, it's all worth five bucks, especially when you can stump some military veteran. The patch and artwork are the design of cartoonist and author of "The Program" Wes Oleszewski, copyright 2000 of course.

Noli Rogare patch



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