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Shipwrecks! book

This text contains in part, some of the most obscure Great Lakes shipwreck adventures ever documented. If you do not believe me you can visit any wreck-diving shop, Great Lakes maritime gathering, or shipwreck Museum and just ask any of the lakeboat buffs who are there about vessels such as the St. Peter, City Of Chatham, Zealand, J.P. March, or especially the Brucephalus. I will guarantee you that even the most hard-core shipwreck hunter will likely crinkled their brow and say either "Never heard of it." or "I'll have to look that one up." Well you, the reader of this book, do not have to look them up. Their stories are here, in the greatest of detail. You'll get to know the people involved with these adventures, people long-lost to even their own relatives and long forgotten in the annals of Great Lakes history. Here you will meet them, up close, and personal. Some you may come to admire, some you may disdain and sometimes you may even feel a loss with their demise. This book will take you from the 1820s to 1984 and along the way we will learn how you can hunt shipwrecks yourself. We will search the shores by satellite and stroll the graveyards by foot. We will walk the decks of a modern steel lakeboat that sails the freshwater seas today and we will stand on the decks of wooden steamers in their death throws. We will get an up close and study of one of the most unique lake boats ever constructed and we will look across the magnificent blue waters and wonder "where is it?" If all of this causes you to want to know more, so much the better. All that I can promise is that at this moment in time I have presented is much as can be found. Yet, that certainly does not mean that what I have found is all that there is. There is always a fact or two bit out there waiting to be uncovered.

Softbound, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", 176 pages, historical photos and maps.  $17.95

Shipwrecks! book

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