The Best of Wes

The Best of Wes

  • This book was created because the publisher misread an e-mail! That’s right, in the summer of 2013 Avery, my publisher, e-mailed me and asked how my next book was coming along? I e-mailed back saying that everything was just fine and they could expect the manuscript on October 31, 2014. In November of 2013 they e-mailed me again in a near panic… “Where’s the manuscript!?” I responded that it was coming along fine and they’d have it on October 31, 2014... just like I said last summer. Plus I attached my original e-mail. Now they went into panic mode. They’d misread my e-mail from the past summer and they had reserved a place in their catalogue for a new release by me in April of 2014… six months before my next book would actually be ready. Of course out of panic they said that they would simply take one of my out of print books, re-cover it and re-title it. NO WAY! Replied I, my readers would HATE that! Instead I suggested that we should just do a “best of” book where I would select my favorite stories from those out of print books, up-date them, add some new stuff. Thus, BOOM! they’d have something for their spring catalogue. Of course when the cover came out it was NOT to my liking. The “Wes” was too huge in my opinion. I called Avery and they said “tough rocks.” I complained to my wife and she said, “tough rocks.” I still don’t like the cover, but the stories insider are some of my best work.


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